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Meet the Team - David Green

With compliance an increasing concern for all businesses, we are excited to announce we have expanded our team’s capabilities with David Green as our new Consulting Services Manager.

When it comes to insight into customer challenges, there is nothing like experience. After thirty years in senior ICT roles, few people are better equipped than David to navigate a time of tremendous opportunity. David’s roles have spanned industries including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and consulting. His focus on aligning technology with business goals makes him a strong support for organisations seeking to capitalise on the digital economy.

Managing strategic, global integration and mission-critical projects has given David valuable capabilities in leading technical change and transformation. His strategic thinking, as a former CIO, enables him to devise the structure, policies and processes needed to succeed in modern business environments. David’s leadership on cyber-security governance is helping a number of corporate and government entities to build a safer online future.

David’s advocacy for secure, forward-thinking IT, and his knowledge about managing liability, are vital elements of securing all-of-business support. Whether adapting to new Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and industry compliance, establishing stronger disaster recovery practices, or building IT environments to support ambitious business direction, David is a great addition to Team’s experienced consulting capability.

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