Better Business, One Mobile App at a Time

Often, in the IT business, progress is driven by need. That is the case with mobile app development. The need began in our own business. We needed a better way to manage timesheets for our consultants, so that we could ensure our billing was accurate without taking so much administrative time. Anyone who has ever managed timesheets will know how challenging it can be without a system and, with so many experts at our disposal, a mobile app was designed to fit. Our engineers can submit timesheets on-the-go, without cumbersome admin or trying to make sense of bad handwriting! Billing is automated, which means our people can spend their time helping clients instead of fighting their way out of a

The New Normality - Rebuilding After Disaster Strikes

It is only at the time of a real incident, that the weaknesses of your DR plan are realised. Your DR plan covers the transition to a disaster footing, but what happens when the floodwaters recede, you regain access to your premises after the fire, or the power comes back on? Something that is often missed in DR plans is the process of returning to normal. How do you transition from your disaster footing to your normal systems and infrastructure? Have you documented the steps you need to return as carefully as you designed your emergency actions? We have seen businesses with an otherwise terrific plan come unstuck when normality is within reach. Unlike an emergency situation, you may feel tha

When Disaster Strikes, How Will Your Business Handle It?

When we think about disaster, we tend to think of the dramatic. In Australia, that’s not unreasonable – we do seem to get more than our share of bushfires and floods. Crises of human origin are common enough too – the recent South Australian power shortages will have made many business leaders in other states nervous. Beyond the headlines, many smaller problems can have a catastrophic effect, and for the unprepared, even a burst water main or a local power cut can wreak havoc on businesses. Whatever the disaster, the first priority is, of course, the safety of your people. That aside, faced with disruption to your usual operations, the question is how quickly, and how effectively, you can mo

How Long Can Your Business Survive Without Data?

When a CryptoLocker ransomware swept the world recently, the effect was extraordinary. A surgeon lost access to computers mid-operation, retailers lost access to point of sale equipment, and individuals lost everything from family photos to college papers. Subsequent waves of similar ransomware are still circulating, often causing a total loss of data. For many businesses, it sounds a death-knell; in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) report, 40% of businesses are unable to reopen after a disaster, with 25% failing within a year. Whether the disaster is a man-made cyber-attack, human error, or a natural disaster such as fire or flood, every business leader, and every IT professiona

What my son taught me about Resilience

I think I am justifiably proud of my son. He’s a 'top of the class' boy and he attends a special class for kids who are a bit more advanced – they quaintly call it an 'Opportunity Class' but it blows my mind how much advanced stuff they are doing. He challenges me every day with increasingly more complex questions, and I have no doubt that by the time he finishes primary school he’ll be of the opinion that his Dad is no longer the all-knowing super hero of his younger years. One discussion I had recently with him stands out. We talked about resilience, and I wound up relating the things he was talking about back to my experience in business. There is a poster on the wall in his classroom:

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