Meet the Team - David Green

With compliance an increasing concern for all businesses, we are excited to announce we have expanded our team’s capabilities with David Green as our new Consulting Services Manager. When it comes to insight into customer challenges, there is nothing like experience. After thirty years in senior ICT roles, few people are better equipped than David to navigate a time of tremendous opportunity. David’s roles have spanned industries including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and consulting. His focus on aligning technology with business goals makes him a strong support for organisations seeking to capitalise on the digital economy. Managing strategic, global inte

What the Harvard Business Review Taught Me About Resilience

I was in the US earlier this year, and during an extended layover I found myself picking up a book. I was in the mood for something educational, instead of my usual fiction or biographical selections, so I chose a collection of articles from the Harvard Business Review. Delay over, I put the book aside, and only recently rediscovered it. I’m glad I did. One article in particular caught my attention. “How Resilience Works” by Diane L. Coutu. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you everything, but it was a pretty good read, and highly recommended. Coutu brought up three very interesting points about what makes people AND organisations resilient. Facing Down Reality Coutu makes the point that t

Speaking Your Language - Getting Started on File Translation

No matter how simple any business is in the beginning, there comes a time when exchanging information with the outside world is needed. It might be that you’re merging with another business, integrating a few branch offices or, most often of all, you’ve landed that first big customer and need B2B/EDI capabilities to accept and process their orders. It sounds daunting, but it can be made quite easy. Securing big orders is exciting, and a bit of preparation saves a lot of heartache. The order will typically be placed via a VAN (Value Added Network), which acts like a virtual post office, distributing transaction files such as purchase orders from one subscriber to another. The order will come

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