From Strength to Strength - Securing IT Success in 2018

If ever there was a landmark year for our business, it was 2017. It was a year of joining forces, fighting cyber-crime, and making connections. There were crypto-locker rescues and cloud migrations a-plenty, security testing and DR planning, enough action to fill a blockbuster. Oh, and Team just got a bit bigger, too. Combining Team with Availability Solutions was a move that expanded our horizons. It has provided a welcome boost in our already in-demand disaster recovery (DR) and high-availability solutions. The integration also came with a very strong cloud migration practice, meaning our customers have access to a wealth of capability. As we’ve seen in 2017, transitioning to cloud, or swi

Production is Halted, What Do You Do Next?

David Green, Team’s Consulting Services Manager talks about helping companies develop an Incident Plan to survive any type of disruption. Try to think for a moment about which areas of your business can operate without IT. Chances are, it will be a short list. As organisations become increasingly digitised, we use IT to improve performance and reduce costs in every area. We use it to comply with regulations, gather information, and report results. Our IT dependence has increased drastically in the last few years, but not every organisation has fully prepared for service interruption. The primary aim of any organisation must be its operational security – the ability to continue operations and

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