A Closer Look at Risk Assessment

Just as some people are more likely than others to jump out of planes or ride fast motorcycles, so businesses have different attitudes to risk. Unlike individuals, though, businesses may have to meet stringent legal requirements, or satisfy shareholders that risk is appropriately managed. Failing to manage business risk can be the equivalent of sky-diving without a parachute. When we mention risk in the context of IT, the first category that springs to mind is likely to be data. After headlines about cyber-crime, what business leader would fail to appreciate the potential cost of losing access to customer records, for example? But there are other assets that need to be safeguarded, ranging f

From Idea to In-Store: Making Sense of EDI

It is a momentous rite of passage in the growth of many businesses. After the hard yards bringing an idea or product to the market, the opportunity is there for the kind of contract you dreamed of. One of the big retailers wants to buy your product… but before you pop the champagne open, there is something you need to figure out. How on earth are you going to satisfy the retailer’s ordering requirements? When you’re fulfilling orders with most major organisations, such as supermarkets or online retailers, you will need to be able to receive, interpret, and respond to an electronic purchase order. This might include an extraordinary amount of details that must be adhered to – specific deliver

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