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Assure Security

Comply with cybersecurity regulations and strengthen IBM i security


Assure Security is a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of IBM i security that help your organisation successfully comply with cybersecurity regulations.


Whether your business needs to implement a full set of security capabilities, or you need to address a specific vulnerability, Assure Security is the solution.


A S S U R E - S E C U R I T Y
Access Control
Compliance Monitoring
Data Privacy

Access Control


Assure Multi-Factor Authentication strengthens logon security for configured users. Certified for RSA SecurID, Assure Multi-Factor Authentication also supports RADIUS servers or a Precisely-provided authenticator.

Assure Elevated Authority Manager automatically grants higher levels of user authority on an as-needed and time-limited basis, while comprehensively monitoring the actions of elevated profiles. Rules define the context in which authority can be granted and the method to be used for elevating authority.

Assure System Access Manager provides control of all entry points into IBM i systems, including network protocols, communications ports, database protocols, and command lines. Granular rules control access based on user profile settings, date and time, IP address and more.


Compliance Monitoring


Assure Monitoring and Reporting seamlessly extracts insights from IBM i journal data and delivers alerts and reports on security incidents and compliance deviations. System and database monitoring capabilities are available separately or together. Or, choose to send data directly to your enterprise SIEM solution allowing IBM i security to be monitored with all other enterprise platforms.

Assure Db2 Data Monitor is a unique, innovative solution that monitors views of highly confidential Db2 data and optionally blocks records from view.


Data Privacy


Assure Encryption defends data at-rest using the only NIST-certified AES encryption for IBM i. It also offers built-in masking and access auditing.

FIPS 140-2 compliant Alliance Key Manager from Townsend Security, and other OASIS KMIP-compliant key managers, are supported for encryption key management. Extensive tokenization capabilities are also offered to temporarily or permanently replace sensitive data with token values.

Assure Secure File Transfer shields data moving across networks from view and automates transfers. Files are encrypted for transfer using common protocols such as Secure Shell (SSH SFTP) or Secure FTP (SSL FTPS). Optional PGP encryption protects data at the source and destination.


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