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Assure Security: Compliance Monitoring

Assure DB2 Data Monitor for IBM i


Regulations like PCI DSS and HIPAA have long suggested the benefits of tracking access to confidential data. More recently, regulations like GDPR have begun to require it, and new regulations are likely to follow that lead.


It’s imperative that your organization monitor and control the list of people allowed to access your most sensitive databases, and exactly what data they can read. Hoping that unauthorized users are not viewing corporate financial data, executive compensation, medical data and customer lists is not enough. You need tools to prevent accidental data disclosure and intentional breaches of confidentiality.


Complete control over the visibility of confidential IBM i data

Assure Db2 Data Monitor, a feature of Assure Security and part of its Assure Compliance Monitoring feature bundle, is an innovative solution that gives you complete control over the visibility of confidential IBM i data. It monitors and alerts you to users who have viewed sensitive records in Db2 databases, as well as how and when the data was viewed.

It even blocks records from view by unauthorized users. With Assure Db2 Data Monitor, you can monitor the security of your most valuable corporate data while meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements for data confidentiality.


Benefits of Assure DB2 Data Monitor:

Monitors and controls the access of all users, even administrators, to highly sensitive information

Prevents theft and accidental exposure of confidential data

Meets the most stringent regulatory requirements for monitoring access to critical information

Satisfies auditors by logging views of confidential data


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