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Assure Security: Access Control

Assure System Access Manager


Modern IBM i systems are highly connected through standard network and open-source protocols. This opens a wide variety of access points to the worldwide hacker community, who recognize the high value of data residing on an IBM i.


Get complete control of points of entry into your IBM i (AS/400)

Assure System Access Manager is a global access control platform with a flexible, powerful, data-centric approach to securing access to your IBM i. Using IBM i exit point technology, Assure System Access Manager gives you control of a wide range of system and data access points, including:

• Network protocols such as FTP, ODBC, DDM, DRDA, NetServer and Telnet

• SQL statements such as STRSQL, RUNSQLSTM, RUNSQL, *EDRSQL and embedded SQL

• CQE usage such as RUNQRY, WRKQRY, QQQQry and OPNQRYF

• File opens using QSH, STRSQL, DSPPFM, UPDDTA and others

• System and user commands issued from a 5250 session or remotely

• Sockets

• Jobs… and more.


Benefits of Assure System Access Manager:

Supports regulatory requirements for SOX, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and others.

Significantly reduces the time and cost of achieving regulatory compliance.

Satisfies security officers by securing access to IBM i systems and data

Enables implementation of security best practices

Quickly detects security incidents so you can efficiently remediate them.


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