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Assure Security: Compliance Monitoring

Assure Monitoring and Reporting for IBM i


Assure Monitoring and Reporting, a feature of Assure Security, and part of its Assure Compliance Monitoring feature bundle, comprehensively monitors system and database activity to save you time and money on achieving regulatory compliance, identifying compliance deviations and detecting unauthorized activities on IBM i systems.


Assure Monitoring and Reporting produces clear, concise, easy-to-read reports based on system activity and database changes recorded in journals – the only source of audit information accepted by IBM i security and audit professionals. Best of all, no application modifications are required.


Comprehensively monitor system and database activity to save you time and money on achieving regulatory compliance

Reports can be ad hoc, or they can be scheduled and emailed automatically to the people who need them. Assure Monitoring and Reporting can optionally integrate with a SIEM console for monitoring database events, system events or system information alongside other enterprise systems.

Assure Monitoring and Reporting is comprised of two modules, the System Module and the Database Module, which can operate independently or together. Assure Monitoring and Reporting’s System Module comprehensively monitors your system to report on changes to system objects, access attempts, powerful user activity, command line activity, access to sensitive data, and more. The Database Module produces reports and alerts for any database activity on the IBM i. Static system data sources are also analyzed to identify possible deviations from best practice.

No environment is too small or too large and complex to benefit from the power and flexibility that Assure Monitoring and Reporting delivers for monitoring and reporting on IBM i security and compliance.


Benefits of Assure Monitoring and Reporting:

Simplifies the process of analysing complex journals

Reduces the time and expense required to achieve regulatory compliance with GDPR, SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA & others

Comprehensively monitors system and database activity

Quickly identifies security incidents and compliance deviations when they occur

Satisfies requirements for a journal-based audit trail

Supports segregation of duties and enforces the independence of auditors


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