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Our expertise is solving problems, using real, proven solutions. 


Our consultants focus on the outcome first, whether it's infrastructure, a disaster recovery plan, systems development, or helping you with your transition to the cloud.


Our commitment to service excellence, superior technical skills and great client relationships means we have certified skills, rigorously checked proposals, highest quality standards and as always, highly skilled staff.


Infrastructure matters. No matter what business problem your IT solves, it has to run on reliable, secure infrastructure that provides the performance you need.


Whether it's cloud-based or sitting in your office or data centre, Team Computing can provide you with the right advice on what to use, and then install and support it.


Read on for more details, including the great vendors we sell and support.


IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing isn't to be taken lightly. You don't just need a company who has the technical skills. You also need someone who'll take the time to learn what your business needs and how it works.


Short term or long term, looking after a single server or your entire IT environment, Team has the skills and experience you need to make outsorucing a success.


More on IT Outsourcing....


We offer and support only proven, industry-leading technology and software solutions including EDI,  CRM, Document Management, High Availability & Disaster Recovery, Lotus Notes/Domino and IBM software.


For over 25 years Team have been delivering innovative, high quality, customised solutions for clients in a wide range of industries.


Whether  in-house, cloud-based, managed or hosted.  It’s your choice.


More on Software....


Managed Services

A managed service should be carefree for the customer, at a reasonable price and come with a proactive relationship with the supplier, seeking always to improve service levels and the utility of the solution.


Team Computing has been providing managed services for over 25 years, and our many happy customers have benefited from a wide range of customised regular services.


More on Managed Services....

Cloud Solutions

People talk about cloud solutions, but how many are actually doing it?


At Team we realise that cloud may not be for everyone, but that there are some situations that fit it really well.


We can help you with a single application provided in the cloud, on-line remote backup, or a complete infrastructure or platform as a service offering. Plus, Team Computing works with you to ease your transition to cloud.



IT & Business Consulting:


Our experienced IT consultants can deliver concise, revealing insights into your environment. We have provided IT audits, capacity plans, restructuring and application replacement reports, in addition to cloud consulting and change management.


Our skills go beyond IT, to the business beyond the technology, to ensure your IT adds value to your organisation.


The sum of the parts of your IT environment are brought together by robust integration.


Our team has years of experience ensuring systems work together, hardware and software.

Our EDI and B2B teams can integrate your processes with those of your trading partners.


No matter what you need to have copmmunicating, Team Computing has the skills to make them talk.



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