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Facilities Management, Hosting & Outsourcing


Whether on site at your location, at our data centres or a mix of both,

we can host and manage your systems and applications.


Team Computing has invested significant time, money and effort in developing tools and techniques that ensure the well-being of mission critical systems. As a logical and physical extension of our outsourcing service (where we host and manage customers systems at data centres in Sydney and Melbourne), we are able to use the same tools and approach to manage systems and assets located on customer sites.



Managed Services:


Team manages systems and assets located at our customers’ own premises, or wherever your infrastructure currently resides. Whether we remotely manage some, or all of the day-to-day IT infrastructure operations, or deliver project specific design and implementation services, you are assured of peak system performance and availability.



Applications Management and Development:

Team has been involved with many different applications including: Infor’s M3 and Lawson, IBS’ Enterprise and NetStore, Oracle’s JD Edward’s Enterprise One, Golden Key’s IMAS and more. We can host, develop and maintain applications on our machines or yours.


Applications Development on Facilities Managed Machines – you own the machine but Team manages it and provides the staff, expertise and application development services.


Hosting of Applications – We host your applications on our equipment. Application development may be performed by yourself, Team experts or a third party – typical of some ERP solutions.





If you would like a team of technical specialists keeping your IT systems and applications running as they should then consider placing your systems in one of our data centres. With our partner, SASIT, we host more than 110 customer environments.  Most are mission-critical and require 24x7 support, 365 days a year.


Available infrastructure includes Intel, IBM Power Systems, and SAN storage and all can be contracted on a usage basis, with a choice of management and support options.  You’ll lower your total cost of ownership, keep your systems up-to-date more easily, redirect IT resources to more productive activities and make technology what it should be – a strategic asset that helps to achieve your business goals.



Cloud / Infrastructure as a Service:


Cloud computing involves shared resources, software and information, provided on demand via Internet-based access to a highly secure computing environment. By buying larger, enterprise level systems, we are always ready to allocate computing resources that meet your needs. Our IaaS option gives tremendous economies of scale without ever restricting your ability to grow. 



Disaster Recovery & High Availability:

To reduce risk and the cost of downtime, Team offers a number of options including placing your backup systems in our data centre, sharing our systems and infrastructure environment, or employing a fully dedicated or shared alternative system.

Ph: +61 2 9438 4333
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