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Managed Services


As your managed services partner, you can rely upon our local teams to monitor,

manage & optimise your onsite, offsite or cloud infrastructure.


With our partner, SASIT, we manage systems and assets located at our customers' own premises, or wherever your infrastructure currently resides. Whether we remotely manage some, or all, of the day-to-day IT infrastructure operations, or deliver project specific design and implemenation services, you are assured of peak system performance and availability.


You can pick and choose from a menu of services available, or Team can provide you with a comprehensive managed service package. Either way, we can manage your systems and applications at our data centres in Sydney and Melbourne, Auckland and Christchurch, at your own location, or a mix of options to meet your specific needs.


In-house, cloud-based, managed, hosted or a mix of options, we can tailor a solution that suits you.

Team Backup is a service that allows you to back up your business critical data to an appliance or to our hosted, industrial strength IBM infrastructure.


Our incremental backup technology, backed by IBM’s leading enterprise-grade Tivoli® software means a full restorable copy of your data is always available.

More information on Team Backup

Cloud / Infrastructure

as a Service

Cloud computing involves shared resources, software and information, provided on demand via Internet-based access to a highly secure computing environment. By buying larger enterprise level systems, we are always ready to allocate computing resources that meet your needs. Our IaaS option gives tremendous economies of scale without ever restricting your ability to grow.

Monitoring as a Service

Team provides the option to offload a large majority of the monitoring costs by providing it as a service, as opposed to a fully invested in-house tool.


Team's monitoring software will alert our technicians, and yours if you wish, should an error arise, and runs 24 x 7.

Applications Management

and Development

Team can host your applications on our equipment. Application development may be performed by yourself, Team experts or a third party.


Applications Development on facilities managed machines - you own the machine but Team manages it and provides the staff, expertise and pplication development services.

Ph: +61 2 9438 4333

Disaster Recovery

and High Availability

How long can your business systems afford to be down? Team offers a number of options including placing your backup systems in our data centre, sharing our systems and infrastructure environment, or employing a fully dedicated or shared alternative system so if the backup system takes over with little downtime or data loss.

Storage as a Service

Having to constantly invest in new, larger and more advanced storage is an ongoing pain in terms of both time and resources. Offload that hassle and ensure an enterprise level storage solution through Team managed storage services. On-premise, cloud or a combination of the two can be part of your pay-as-you-go storage strategy. We also offer consulting services to ensure you make the most efficient use of the storage you have, saving you time, risk and money.

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