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Cloud computing involves shared resources, software and information, provided on demand via Internet-based access to a highly secure computing environment. By buying larger enterprise level systems, we are always ready to allocate computing resources that meet your needs. Our IaaS option gives tremendous economies of scale without ever restricting your ability to grow.



Whether you choose private, public or hybrid, Team can tailor a solution that suits you.

Backup as a Service

Team Backup is a service that allows you to back up your business critical data to an appliance or to our hosted, industrial strength IBM infrastructure.


Our incremental backup technology, backed by IBM’s leading enterprise-grade Tivoli® software means a full restorable copy of your data is always available.


More information on Backup as a Service.

Infrastructure as a Service

Cost effective access to enterpise-class systems, integrated products and services, Team’s cloud offerings supports application, platform, and infrastructure-level clouds.


  • Data centre facilities across Australia and New Zealand

  • State-of-the-art EMC and IBM storage platforms

  • Leading multi-tiered firewalls

  • Complete management of server and applications avaialble

  • Dedicated Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

Software as a Service

Software as a Service but not as you know it. We don’t expect you to fit into a cookie cutter solution. We tailor our solutions to your needs.  Software soluitons inlcude:


Predatar: It's Tivoli Storage Manager but in the Cloud - reducing the resources you need to run TSM. More information on Predatar.


vTiger: A modern, web-based CRM that you can install in the cloud or on-premise




Hosting as a Service


We provide hardware, software, network resources and services for the operation and management of your  IT environment so you can concentrate on business.

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