Predatar takes Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) into the cloud. This will reduce operational and capital expenditure and simplify the management of your data protection.


Leveraging the powerful open platform of TSM, Predatar combines cloud, analytics, mobile and social computing to take the risk and cost out of managing and protecting business critical data.

Whether private, public or hybrid - Predatar delivers clarity, security and certainty to TSM users.

Predatar. It’s TSM, but in the cloud.

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Predatar products combine to deliver Service Management Automation (SMA) – the biggest step forward in a decade for reducing the costs and risks associated with TSM and multivendor storage environments.


Central to Predatar is the principle of automation. By automating monitoring, alerting and incident management processes, Predatar saves time and cuts out human error. Predatar is unique; it offers systems management and reporting in one package, is quick to install and requires no specialist knowledge to use it. Essentially, if you need visibility of any area of your storage or backup infrastructure, Predatar has an automated solution.


The Predatar platform is a “Cloud Computing” solution and comes in both a “Public Cloud” as well as a “Private Cloud” solution. The Predatar “Public Cloud” solution consists of a lightweight Predatar client, which can be installed on any server as well as the TSM Server itself.



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