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Enable remote access and collaboration without exposing your data to third party clouds and servers.

Centrestack from Gladinet boosts workforce mobility with cloud file sharing and mobile access, while retaining security permissions and familiar user experiences from file servers. 


In contrast to VPN’s confusing, slow, and error-prone connections, users simply see a network drive through which they can access their files as usual whilst you maintain tight enterprise-IT control.


Behind the scenes users can be administrated, controlling what they have access to and also defining quotas for the amount of space they can use.


CentreStack takes the capabilities of a traditional on-premise file server but allows clients to turn it to the cloud enabling remote access and collaboration without exposing your data to third party clouds and servers. 


Data stays on your servers for complete control of security and compliance.

With CentreStack:

Provide secure collaboration for file servers and maintain data privacy by keeping your files on-premises.


Present a powerful unification of file server security and cloud mobility features through familiar mapped drives that require no end-user training.


Leverage compliance and control features, deployment flexibility and amazing support to champion the market-leading, file server based alternative to Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

No other product comes close to managing, interacting and securing content when it comes to maintaining files and using the cloud. 

Trusted by
1000+ IT Solution Providers and Enterprises


CentreStack can be purchased in three ways:

  • As a Service (SaaS), fully managed by Team Computing

  • On Premise Purchase - managed by Team

  • On Premise Purchase - managed by yourself.



Ph: +61 2 9438 4333
CentreStack v Dropbox

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