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CentreStack versus Dropbox

Using Dropbox at Work is a Bad idea

Many enterprise are now faced with the Dropbox problem. Employees use Dropbox on their own to backup some local folders and make them easy to access remotely from home, an airport or other locations. However, from a purely business perspective, it's difficult to secure company documents as they are scattered across multiple PCs and third party sites, creating compliance liabilities and increasing the risks of leaking confidential business documents.


Why CentreStack?

Data Privacy, security and control matter. Nobody knows this better than CentreStack. Backed by years of experience and industry awards, CentreStack provides a file server friendly collaboration platform that is focused on keeping your data private, secure and under your control. Perhaps more importantly, the user experience is simplified. This prevents the problematic temptation for users to subvert any security measures that are difficult to live with.

CentreStack is used by businesses and service providers to privately deploy and host a Dropbox-like on premise file sharing solution, while providing an access layer (browser, mobile, desktop and file server access) for local file servers and private cloud storage services. The platform does this while retaining full control of data and the related access infrastructure.


Guarantee data privacy. Keep data on-premises or in private clouds.


AD Users and NTFS permissions are automatically migrated for instant access while data is synchronized in the background.


Simplify file server access from mapped drives, mobile devices and web browsers.


You control and arrange where the data storage is for the file sharing solution



Centrally manage granular NTFS permissions and AD users with auditing and reporting for all activities.



Two levels of file locking combine with version controls to control distributed access.

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