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We're Turning 30!

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30 Years of Helping and Supporting our Clients and Still Enjoying It !

March 5, 2017

Today marks the passing of a significant milestone in our company's history.  Today, Team turned 30 years old!

30 years is a VERY long time in business, and very few smaller entities survive even the first 5 years, let alone 6 times that.  One of the crucial reasons for the company's resiliency is our vision, which has never wavered, and that is to be a highly respected IT company through our honest and passionate approach to every customer. We really do 'bend over backwards' to help our clients, both the large and the small and that is why so many are still with us after 30 years!
So for those of you who remember the 'good old days' of mobile phones the size of bricks and floppy disks the size of dinner plates, here's a quick stroll down memory lane:
1987: IBM Introduces the PS/2 personal computer, and PERL is written by Larry Wall.
1988: Creative Arts releases the first SoundBlaster sound card
1989: The internet has quietly grown ot 100,000 host machines but is a closed, non-commercial network and lacks online systems to help ordinary people navigate it.
1990: The 'WorldWideWeb' is born
1991: A simple text-only browser for the web is written for quick distribution, and then volunteers are asked to write or adapt the needed GUI browsers for PCs, Macs, and UNIX machines.
1993: Intel's Pentium microprocessor is released.
1995: Browser War II.  Netscape vs. Microsoft
1996: The Palm Pilot is introduced whlst web users reach 36 million.
1998: The iMac, Macintosh desktop computers is released
2000: The first camera phone is introduced with a maximum resolution of 0.11 megapixels, Sony releases PlayStation 2 and USB drives are introduced.
2001: Windoxs XP and iTunes are introduced.
2003: Blu-ray disks are released
2004: Hacker group, Anonymous is formed
2005: Lenovo acquires IBM's PC business
2006: Amazon Web Services is launched.
2007: Hitachi announces the first 1 TB hard disk drive (HDD).
2009: Vendors announce cloud-based network-attached storage solutions for online backup
2012: Facebook gains 1 billion users on October 4.
2015: Apple releases the Apple Watch. Microsoft releases Windows 10.
2016: Pokémon GO is released July 6, 2016 for Android phones and iPhone and is downloaded more than 10 million times within a week and becomes the fastest growing app in history.
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