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Remote Support

Increasingly, remote support and remote involvement in projects is becoming accepted in the industry.

Availability Solutions make frequent use of TeamViewer  for this purpose.

Update June 2017.
From 1/7/2017 Teamviewer will be our exclusive tool for remote support.

For projects in particular we recommend that you provide a 'jumpbox'.

This is a Windows machine that has:

  • access to your systems

  • access to the internet

  • access to TeamViewer

Availability Solutions can then:

  • download Vision installation wizards

  • execute the wizards to install products an updates

  • assist with training/troubleshooting

  • Access the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP)

  • Set up VSP alerts

  • allow you to perform/observe the activity

Alternatives to this may involve using VPN software for consistent security to your network, but will not remove the requirement for a jumpbox.

Note: Due to the vast number of VPN solutions available Availability Solutions cannot guarantee that we will be able to use the specific VPN preferred at all customer sites. Other VPN software already installed may preclude the correct operation of the client preferred in some installations.

A jumpbox will require approx 5GB of disk space available on the C: drive for installations/updates to complete successfully. The Wizard needs to 'unpack' a lot of data. Insufficient disk space will cause an upgrade to fail.

AvailSol will require (local) 'administrator' access to the jumpbox - in order to be able to run the Vision install Wizard.

We may need the IBMi Access Client  & Java loaded on the jumpbox - depending on what access has been granted via the VPN.


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