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Counting the Real Cost of IT Investment -
Ensure Your Project Passes the Business Case Test



May 22, 2014

We hear the terms tossed around by vendors like confetti, but are total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) calculators really useful tools or just sleight of hand on the part of sales reps looking for their next commission cheque?Like many things in life, it is no use having the tools unless they're used the right way.


Like many things in life, it is no use having the tools unless they're used the right way. One of the frustrations for many technologists is finding time to not only crunch the right numbers but to do so in a way that is meaningful to those in charge of funding. Many potentially valuable or even essential projects fail to clear the budget hurdle and end up lining the boardroom recycle bin.


Sometimes it is a matter of IT professionals learning to get what they want by monetising the various options in a way that makes sense for non-technologists. It is this translation from sound technical sense to a business case that trips up many proposals.


There are several tools worth considering to help with supporting information when making the case for new IT expenditure or choosing between different solutions or vendors. A requirement for our specialists is to have the ability to pick the right tool for the task at hand and to help make sure that every project passes the business case test. It is no longer enough to simply demonstrate that a concept can work; unless it aligns with business objectives - and you can prove it - the chance of funding is not so much slim as non-existent.


If you need some help choosing or using the tools that can support your business decisions, we're happy to lend a hand - without sleight of hand.Back to Top


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