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B2B Integration at a 'Lite' Price

QuickTrans: Team's fast, and easy to use translation engine. 

QuickTrans connects, translates and performs file functions.

Mapping is easily accomplished using simple text based scripting and it can be run in a batch mode, or like a windows service attached to the scheduler.


QuickTrans has a GUI interface allowing the user to configure, custom Queues (inbound and outbound), setting, running operations.


The mapping engine allows you to store variables from file inputs and perform swap table functions if need be.  For example, swapping an incoming Ship to ID on an ASN to a Global Location Identifier.



Quick Trans helps you to:

  • Quickly connect to VANs (value-added networks) using integrated scripting

  • Translate documents (EDI, text, CSV, Custom)

    • Text based templates for file definitions

    • Text based templates for custom output

  • Insert your translated data into a Database using the QuickTrans Connector Eg (SQL Server)

  • Archive your files

Quick Trans advantages:

  • Fast

  • Simple

  • Low Cost

  • Small Footprint


Talk to us about:  

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Creation of mapping templates

  • Training

  • B2B Consulting

  • Upgrades and Support

Can be purchased in three ways:

  • As a Service (SaaS), fully managed by Team Computing

  • On Premise Purchase - managed by Team

  • On Premise Purchase - managed by yourself.



Ph: +61 2 9438 4333
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