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Interface Your Warehouse with Your ERP

QuickStock is a fast and reliable means of interfacing your warehousing operations with your existing back office ERP system.


Are your warehouse staff still using paper packing slips and ticking off items as they go?  Are you experiencing picking errors – especially when new staff join the company?


What if you could go paperless and reduce picking errors and closure time for stocktakes for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay, AND implement it in as little as a month with minimal (if any) modifications to your existing systems?


Starting at $1,800 per module, per annum,


Modules include:


  • Order Pick

  • Order Pack

  • Order Pickup

  • Shipment Despatch

  • Stocktake

  • Stock Receiving

  • Stock Transfer


  • Simple and easy implementation

  • Can operate on existing scanners (depending upon specifications)

  • Utilizes standard in built IBM functions

  • Scanner can verbalise the process i.e talk to you and tell you details about the task about to performed (this depends upon the scanner involved)

  • Minimal (if any) modifications required to existing systems

  • Low Cost

  • Tiny Footprint

  • Minimizes paper flow

  • Reduces closure times during stocktake periods

  • More accurate picking and dispatch of goods (less credits)

  • ERP independent

Design Philosophy:

QuickStock is written in a manner to take into consideration all modern equipment and software available.  Supported platforms include both Android and Apple iOS.  QuickStock can also be configured to operate as a web server (using the inbuilt apache server).  This approach will allow any device with a modern Web Browser to operate the same functions.


Likewise, the apps all communicate to the back-end Power i (also known as AS/400 or iSeries) from IBM via the inbuilt apache server.  This allows the mobile QuickStock Apps to communicate with back-end solutions using standard RPGLE programs.  No intermediate languages are required so support and implementation are kept basic and straightforward.


We just implemented QuickStock for an automotive and industrial hardware products distributor who went from paper-based to paperless picking in one month to overcome picking errors.  Talk to us today.


Talk to us about:

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Warehouse  Solutions Consulting

  • Integration with your ERP system

  • Infrastructure Requirements

  • Sourcing of Barcode Scanners and Printers

  • Upgrades and Support

  • Training

  • EDI Transacting

  • Output Management

Can be purchased in three ways:

  • As a Service (SaaS), fully managed by Team Computing

  • On Premise Purchase - managed by Team

  • On Premise Purchase - managed by yourself.



Ph: +61 2 9438 4333
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