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The Real People of Team


Our team of sales, technical and support staff are all focussed on getting the best out of IT for our customers.


Some of our staff have been with Team since the 80s.


Our Managing Director, Peter Sanderson, likes to joke that he was Team's bicentennial project, having joined as a programmer in 1988.


We have other 1980s Teamsters still with us, and most of our staff have been here for many years, with very low turnover (especially for IT!).


The staff at Team hold certifications and qualifications that demonstrate their commitment to excellence. Continuing education is very important to us, and we teach courses, too. IBM even has us participate writing technical manuals that go out to the world to help other companies benefit from our experience.


Team prides itself on a culture of empowerment and responsibility. You'll find we are approachable and happily discuss your needs and issues, without having to hand you an invoice for every conversation.


Add to that our pledge to support you any time, whenever you have an urgent need, and you'll quickly come to consider us part of your team, too.

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