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IBM's Hybrid Cloud Message Resonates

May 16, 2016  by Peter Sanderson

Hybrid Cloud - 3 Must Haves for Success

I just attended an IBM presentation on what they are focusing on this year, with Hybrid Cloud implementations being part of that.


Apparently 40% of IT executives are looking at this as one of their strategic initiatives.  Interestingly they came up with 3 key "Must Haves" for success, which relate to 3 of our 4 key purposes here at Team.

1. Integration for New Services - Tap into ecosystems (internet, APIs) and leverage infrastructure investments to drive new business outcomes*


2. Data for Analytics and Insights - Integrate data from various sources (on and off premises, social media) to achieve real-time insights*


3. Infrastructure for Resilient IT - Build on the strengths of service management, predictability, scalability and reliability*


Integration can be complicated even when just dealing with in-house systems, so care should be taken when planning for it in the cloud. Analytics is fast-becoming the competitive advantage for the fastest growing companies; and protecting the systems on which you so heavily rely and importantly the data they contain, almost goes without saying.


Our purpose is articulated as helping our customers capture, analyse, protect and integrate their business data.

I really shouldn't be surprised that we're in agreement - their "must-haves" are really just common sense - and that's always been our approach to supporting our customers' IT environments, whether in-house, Hybrid Cloud or fully cloud-based.


Nice to have you on board, IBM!


*Edited excerpts from IBM's Asia Pacific Q2, ONE Channel presentation to Business Partners on 5/5/16.
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