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Five Signs Your Data Centre Needs a Detox

Jun 10, 2014

No bootcamp required.

You know how it is. You start with great intentions but sometimes, the passing years are not kind. Too much intake and too little time to manage it means every kilobyte packs on more bloat. You try some quick fixes to get your storage environment back into shape, trying new devices, but somehow every hard-won improvement is eaten up by data-hungry applications, resulting in a yo-yo effect.

If you're constantly working on the storage treadmill with no signs it is paying off, you might have noticed these signs that it is time for a detox:

1. You're about to buy more storage but somewhere in your organisation there is spare capacity.
2. You regularly skip lunch or work late to perform storage management tasks.
3. Your storage environment is impacting application performance.
4. All of your data is stored on the same expensive media, even though some is rarely accessed.
5. Dealing with storage management is not leaving you time for the business enhancements and innovations you're burning to tackle.

Sometimes a few tweaks can make all the difference in creating a healthy balance, while other times a planned lifestyle (or lifecycle) overhaul will give better results. Returning to full data centre fitness can be easy with the right support - no boot camp required.

Need to tighten your (storage) belt while increasing your intake? Contact the storage fitness coaches at Team.


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