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Server Migration Solutions

For Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments

We provide the leading software solution to migrate, protect and recover databases, systems and applications to and from any physical, virtual or cloud-based platform

Using groundbreaking migration solutions we can assist you and/or your customer with the industry’s most trusted solutions for anything-to-anywhere, low risk, near-zero downtime migrations. Our migration solutions allow you to migrate data or entire servers to and from any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud servers with virtually no downtime.


We can migrate "whilst active" Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and IBM iSeries servers.


Supplying both software and services to fully migrate from just about any to just about any Server.

We have transitioned thousands of servers in a wide array of environments and can handle the process from discovery to planning to testing and provide you with turnkey, fully vetted no-downtime solutions for:

  • OS Upgrades

  • HW Upgrades

  • Data Centre Moves

  • Data Centre Consolidations

  • Data Centre De-Centralization

  • Enterprise Data Distribution

  • Enterprise Data Normalization

  • Storage Transformation

  • Migration to/from "the Cloud"

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Please contact us for your migration project and we will work with you to validate if we are able to assist you.

Ph: +61 2 9438 4333
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