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MailGuard Email Filtering


MailGuard is the world’s foremost cloud email security service, detecting and blocking fast-breaking criminal intent email threats 2-48 hrs ahead of the market.

That's why we use MailGuard in-house as well as offer and support MailGuard for our clients:

According to a recent poll by a household name in anti-malware software, when asked what avenue do you think your organisation is most likely to get a malware infection, 75% said email attachments.

MailGuard provides protection for businesses in 27 countries throughout the world against criminal intent email threats like malware, ransomware, spyware, phishing, spear phishing, CEO Fraud, viruses, and immediately blocks 99.997% of spam. 


Antivirus can stop known threats, but cyber criminals move at rapid pace, relying on the element of surprise. It can take hours or even days for antivirus vendors to identify and deploy updates to customers. 


MailGuard is different to traditional antivirus. A cloud-based email and web solution, partnered with smart Hybrid AI threat detection engines that predict, learn and anticipate new threats as they’re emerging. This cloud-based layer of security means MailGuard can apply immediate protection against emerging threats for users around the globe.

Compatible with any email platform:

MailGuard provides both inbound and outbound email filtering with a simple MX record change.  This means you can turn MailGuard email filtering on if you have on-premise Exchange Servers, use Google Apps for Work, Office 365 or any other hosted email solution.

Talk to us today to find our more.

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