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InterForm: Output Management for ERP

Create, design, deliver all the information to be sent from ERPs or other IT systems with greater efficiency and flexibility.


Many companies struggle with how they manage their various forms of output including output formats, document design, distribution conditions, and marketing components.  For some companies and output management system is the answer.


With InterForm you can:

  • Create customer facing documents with unique designs

  • Generate informative, structured and branded documents and reports

  • Form customer specific messaging and brand information

  • Eliminate printing and shipping costs by deliverign and distributing data electronically


InterForm combines distribution features with a wide variety of output channels allowing you to manage everything from PDF, label and laser printing to sending faxes and emails. It’s fully customisable, so you set the standards, choose the rules, and set the conditions for your specific workflow.

InterForm Output Management Solutions brings you cost savings through improved automatic document handling routines, flexibility and independence as you define layouts and document workflows:


  • Forms & Spool design 

  • Laser printing

  • Email distribution (PDF)

  • Archiving

  • Mail merge

  • Check printing

  • Digital signatures

  • Barcode & label printing

  • PDF file creation

  • Fax Distribution

  • Spool to Excel

  • Multi function printer (MFP/PJL)

  • DBCS & unicode printing

  • Invoices, statements, reports

Is Output Management Right for Me?

Whether you want to send personalized PDFs to your customers, create bar codes, structure your internal printer flow, construct marketing materials, or integrate external links into all your customer-facing documents, an output management system can help you do it.

Using an output management system can also reduce costs and add value by making your workflows more efficient and strengthening your brand identity across channels.

So, if you’re frustrated by your inflexible ERP system and a reliance on expensive programmers, a professional output management system may be right for you.

InterForm400 is a native IBM i software that enable you to create formats including SCS spool files, AFPDS, IPDS, PCL, Prescribe, PDF, Text into Print, Labels, Checks, PDF, XML, and HTML.


InterForm400 gives you total freedom to design, handle, and distribute your documents. InterForm400 handles the entire document workflow of your IBM i without the need to reprogram any of your applications, and it automatically selects e-forms based on print data or spool attributes. InterForm400 accommodates many types of distribution.


InterForm400 has been in continuous development since 1987, growing and improving based on customer requirements and feedback. The result is a functional, intuitive, flexible, and stable product, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Streamlining your document output with InterForm400 will increase your competitiveness and your efficiency. Reduce transaction costs with InterForm400 by converting normal paper-based routines into electronic processes.


Using InterForm400 across all of your applications can increase your ROI, add improved functionalities, and streamline your document output.


InterForm400 Overview
Ph: +61 2 9438 4333
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