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IBM Audit & ILMT

Let us install, configure, manage, & maintain IBM ILMT for you


What is ILMT and IBM Audit?


The IBM Passport Advantage Agreement covers many licensing options, including full and sub-capacity licensing of IBM Software in virtual environments.


Under Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express Licenses, clients are required to keep adequate records and systems tools output for the duration of their agreement and for 2 years afterwards.  IBM will use these records in an audit scenario to determine your usage of their products and if records are inadequate you may be liable for the cost of the software AND 2 years software support charges. 


If you licence software based on Processor Value Units (sub-capacity licensing) you are required, unless covered by a few exemptions, to install and configure the most current version of IBM’s License Metric Tool (ILMT) within 90 days of deployment of the IBM software.

ILMT helps you:

  • Achieve and maintain compliance with Passport Advantage License terms.

  • Comply with Passport Advantage sub-capacity offerings licence terms.

  • Support distributed server virtualisation

  • Lower liability risks

  • Track IBM PVU-based software inventory


Team Computing can help with:


  • Installation and Configuration of ILMT

  • ILMT Process Consulting

  • ILMT Managed Service

  • Pay-as-you-Go Consulting


Ph: +61 2 9438 4333
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