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High Availability, and Disaster Recovery

for any Infrastructure

Team Computing sells and supports the world's leading high availability and disaster recovery software - trusted by thousands of clients and partners worldwide to protect data and minimize downtime.  

In-house, cloud-based, managed, or hosted, Team can tailor a solution that suits you.

Planned or unplanned, downtime can come from any direction, in any form, at any time. The inability to keep a company operational during a technology outage, facility destruction, loss of personnel or loss of critical third party services can cause irreversible damage to your business. As such, a reliable partner who can protect and recover your data instantly is invaluable.

Applicable across multiple operating systems, on any hardware and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment, Precisely's high availability and disaster recovery solutions have been trusted for more than two decades. We utilise real-time replication to prevent data loss and enable fast recovery to secondary servers in the event of planned or unplanned failures at primary sites.


So whether you’re dealing with big data, stringent uptime requirements, increased regulatory compliance, or you’re looking for affordable, right sized data protection and recovery for your organisation, Precisely software matched with Team Computing's technical expertise and service enables you to meet your budget and stringent SLA guidelines, while increasing your IT staff efficiency.

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Customer Story

Maitland Mutual.jpg

The Mutual’s Tech Refresh Provides Them with Real Time, Worry Free Computing with IBM Power and MIMIX.

Ph: +61 2 9438 4333

Specialising in HA and DR for IBMi  / Power Systems, AIX, Linux and Windows including:  Asssure Mimix HA,  Assure Mimix for PowerHA,  Mimix DR,  iTera HA, Carbonite Availabiity,  and Carbonite Recover 

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