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Sustainability Policy

Effective From: 13 January 2019


At Team Computing Australia we are committed to integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability into all of our business activities. We strive to achieve this by fostering responsible behaviour amongst our employees, business partners, suppliers and Clients at all levels.


Team Computing promotes sustainability through Respect for the Environment; Respect for its People & Community; and Respect for the IT Industry. At all times, we ensure our activities comply with relevant legislation.

Team Computing Respects the Environment though:

  • Fostering a culture of consideration and respect for the environment

  • Choosing practices that do not adversely affect the environment

  • Developing business solutions that are efficient in their use of energy

  • Proactively investing in refurbishing and reusing IT hardware, where appropriate

  • Supporting e-Waste recycling

  • Minimising the use of paper products through electronic file storage and limiting printing

  • Ensure the responsible use of energy, including conserving energy and improving efficiency

  • Promoting public transport usage, agile/remote working arrangements and minimizing air travel.

Team Computing Respects its People & the Community through:

  • Providing a safe, respectful and flexible work environment

  • Being actively committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and to providing a workplace free from discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying

  • Providing employees with a range of leave, including Religious Holiday Leave, Parental Leave, Compassionate Leave and Personal/Carers’ Leave

  • Accommodating flexible work arrangements, including agile and remote working

  • Encouraging employees to fulfil their civic obligations, including jury service and court duty

  • Supporting employee participation in community service and volunteering

  • Supporting selected charities and employees’ charitable fundraising activities.

Team Computing Respects the IT Industry through:

  • The commitment to fair dealing with business partners, suppliers and Clients

  • Operating with honesty, integrity, diligence, skill and passion

  • Exercising fairness, equality, courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in dealing with
    business partners, suppliers and Clients

  • Expecting the highest standard of employee conduct

  • Modelling mutual respect with business partners, suppliers and Clients

  • Contributing to industry knowledge-sharing and growth, through conferences, publications and cooperative industry feedback

  • Training, coaching and guiding employees to enhance their skills and abilities

  • Employing, teaching and guiding IT graduates / early career IT professionals

  • Partnering with business partners, suppliers and Clients who promote good
    sustainability practices.

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